11 tips how to save on travel

11 Tips to save money on travel

Inflation is rising steeply as the desire to see the world so what can one do to save money during the next holiday trip. Taking overseas holiday trips has become a trend now and no one wants to be left behind. Holiday season sees lot of rush and prices of everything from airline tickets, hotel accommodation to car rentals tend to go high. Here are some simple suggestions from IPC Group to help you save your money during the next holiday trip.

Plan early and save. Start the planning process at least four to six months in advance. Figure out the travel destination you would like to go to, dates of travel etc. If you plan early, you would be able to get the best deal on your travel arrangements. Planning early gives you enough time to research the best ways to save money at the country you are travelling to.

Plan early and save to save on trip

Book round trip tickets. Sometimes one way tickets are expensive so check how much a round trip ticket cost. It might be a very sensible move.

Indirect flights are not all that bad. Yes we know you don’t like killing time at the airport when you could be relaxing or sightseeing at your destination. But it does pay really well if you can spend a couple of hours at the airport and get a cheaper flight.

Pick your dates. If you are travelling during school summer or winter holidays, it’s always best to pick either the earliest or the last week. That’s the time tickets are normally cheaper than the rest of the holiday period.

Reach the airport early. You would have already spent so much and now surely wouldn’t want to miss the flight just because you didn’t arrive early. There is a mad rush on the airports during the holiday season with long queues at check-in and security. Give yourself an extra time margin to avoid last minute stress.

Double check your luggage weight and size. Do check the luggage size and weight restrictions at all the airports you are going to be accessing on your itinerary. It may vary within the destination country too. When you are going for a holiday trip, there is a tendency to pack lot of extra stuff. Half of it wouldn’t be used but people want to take just in case.Go easy on this too. Definitely, no one wants to pay excess charges.

Double check your luggage weight and size to save on trip

Limit mobile usage. The cost of data roaming may be quite exorbitant in some places. Just click the pictures on the holiday trip. You can upload them on social media once you get back home. The best is to either make a short call or send a text message once a day to inform about your wellbeing to a dear one back home.

Say no to cabs. Why take a cab to drive you everywhere when you can walk down. It’s a holiday so there is no need to hurry. Check with locals if your destination is a walking distance from hotel. Most overseas destinations have a good public transport system. Get yourself a travel pass this will help you save lot of money. Create the travel route such that you go to the farthest possible place and then get back to the hotel while stopping at the other places on the way back. Keep an eye open for Travel + City Sightseeing Pass which may offer more benefits.

Pack your own snacks. At most tourist sightseeing places, eatables and beverages are heavily charged. So, it makes sense to carry a few handy snacks such as pretzels, chocolates and candies with you. This becomes very important if you are travelling with kids because you can expect inevitable demands.

Try Local. Chuck your favourite brand of coffee and wine. Rather go for a local version. This will come much cheaper. Remember When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Shop tax-free or get a refund. Find out the shops where there is no tax or duty-free shopping at the travel destination. There are several shops where you can even get a refund of the local sales tax (VAT) especially in countries like Turkey, Morocco and Singapore. Check online about more such places.