7 steps to a successful event

7 steps to a successful event

Done correctly, events present wonderful opportunity for marketing, engagement and networking.Hosting a successful event requires not just careful venue selection and catering but also lot more things that impact the impressions which you create on the audience.How to avoid the mistakes that are killing your event?

Keep your target customer in mind.Almost all events are hosted with the sole aim of attracting the target customers and increase sales. With this end objective in mind, you should be aware of the likes, dislikes, desires and needs of your target customers. Then, accordingly, you should plan and execute your event so as to appeal to the target customers.

Join hands with some other non-competing business.If there is another non-competing business that caters to a different need of the same clientele, then why not combine the synergies of both to increase the customer base. It’s a good strategy to share the cost of the event while accruing the benefits for both.

Event catering

Schedule the event on a convenient day.Events should be scheduled when the sales are slow because then you’ll be better placed to focus on the delegates. When the sales are already high, it’s always better to focus on the regular customers instead of thinking about the new ones. Also, do keep in mind the factors affecting your target customers. For example, if your target customers are working professionals, after-work hours or weekends work best and if you are seeking stay-at-home moms and children, then after-school hours or early evenings would be suitable.

Focus on your customer service.This is the time to put your best foot forward and impress the audience with the excellent customer service. Even though all events are meant to be a sales pitch but it should not appear to be just that. Don’t create pressure on the people to buy your products/services but leave them to be stimulated enough to come back later. Present your products/services by showcasing their genuine features and uniqueness. Put your motivated and enthusiastic staff to create a rapport and serve the customers in a star fashion.

Focus on customer service

Plan the logistics and ambience.Once you know about your guests, start planning the logistics and decoration. Ensure the venue is appropriate neither too small to feel crowded nor too big to look empty; and the seating arrangement is sufficient. Carefully chalk out all the facilities required to make it comfortable for your guests. Themed-events are a big hit these days, so try to make the decoration accordingly.

Ask attendees to share their contact information.For the smarter ones, events are not a stand-alone activity but they do regular follow-up with the attendees to stay in touch. For this, don’t forget to get attendees to fill in their contact information and maintain it for later use. Keep the communication channels open different means such as sending them newsletters or inviting them to upcoming sale (or other special events/activities).

Measure the impact.You can do this by keeping a track of how many people attended the event and returned to your business after the event. If possible, use a survey to get their feedback during or after the event. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any immediate impact, it may take some time before you notice any ROI on your events.