Traveling gives the best experience while own one is the best teacher. So, it’s a great idea to add some lessons giving by such brilliant staff in any school schedule, isn’t it Our more than 20 years practice in a handling of educational tours allows us provide cool benefits for students:

  Ability to think out of the box. We live in digital epoch creating more and more devices which taking routine duties become our competitors in a global labor market. The only field to win this war is outstanding creativity. Nothing enhances it better than traveling at young age with mates as kids are inventors by nature. Improving school performance. It’s very easy to stop in studying progress learning in classrooms day by day for years because of only reason  it’s so boring! Educational tours increase the effectiveness of school program enriching it with bright emotions and unforgettable impressions. It means that students use both sides of brain in their studying reaching in it better results. Fresh look at things and events. While books feed brain with thoughts of their authors, traveling develops own thinking. Our school tours provoke students to explore a life in 360 degrees finding out its limitless perspectives. Deeper understanding of other cultures. A world is small and becomes smaller and smaller due its total globalization. All of us are citizens of Earth meanwhile we have different cultures. Immersing students in unfamiliar environment, traveling let understand it better and cultivates respect to other societies. Make your educational tour memorable with the best travel agency in Singapore

New friends and social bonds. Where are new places, there are new people. Traveling pumps up social skills due free communication of students with locals, classmates and teachers. Free sharing of impressions gives rise to fresh ideas for outstanding projects. Isn’t it cool?   Opportunity to disclose talents. Traveling discovers new in people. Classrooms limit students while educational trips allow them feel freedom to express themselves. On the other hand, variety of new impressions excites their creativity. For sure, all will be surprised!   Excellent development of entrepreneurial skills. To be a do-er is better than to be a say-er in all cases. Due numerous debates, workshops and hands-on activities included in travel programs students get a great opportunity to develop their leadership skills and become more enterprising.   Desire to learn foreign languages.There is great difference in learning languages at school or within trips abroad. Of course, the second one is better as it includes a real-life context and living practice. Within overseas travels foreign language learning can turn into exciting hobby for scholars.   Inspiration to run a travel blog. Run a business or a blog? Why not to connect both these wishes? Today top bloggers earn not less than famous businessmen. It’s very easy to start with posting about exciting traveling experience improving writing skills trip by trip. Clear connection between Education and Trips. As Mark Patterson, author of Warren Buffett, said about it: ‘The best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.’   A lot of fun and adventures!These are kids and their favorite memories about any educational trip are always jokes and laughter. What does it mean?   They are happy!

Types of tours

  • Adventure

    Fancy going on a mountain or jungle trek or white water rafting or any other adventures that will set your pulse racing is how all our adventures are packaged. In the midst of it all, key survival and team work and team building skills are part and parcel of the learning process

  • Experiential Learning
    Experiential Learning

    Learning from experience compared to learning in the classrooms or books presents a whole new dimension. Our Study Tours impart the essence of studied subject/object, delivering the real time, up close and memorable experiences

  • Homestay

    Nothing makes students be so culturally receptive than a homestay programme with the home owners acting as guides and guardians. Students learn to assist in home tasks, absorbing mentoring and learning values which help enlarge their understanding of locals

  • Sports Exchange
    Sports Exchange

    Fancy a football match with a school team from a neighbouring country? Sports Exchange is a fun way to build the character, forge frienships across borders and help students to better interact and appreciate their peers

  • Student Exchange
    Student Exchange

    As cosmopolitanism increases taking a pole position worldwide, the main part of schools realizes the importance of having their students embarked on Student Exchanges for required by modern time interaction with foreign students for understanding other nations better

  • Study Tours
    Study Tours

    Created on a hands-on approach, Study Tours allow students view and appreciate the world imbibing the local cultural features of other countries under the skin

They trust us


We’ve been organizing and handling School Educational Discovery tours for over 25 years. Our Tour Managers and Guides are protective, well trained and experienced. We’ve handled more than 600 schools and 35000 students on all trips around the world through our innovative approaches in meeting objectives, highest safety standards, reliability, care and dedication.

Today, we’re acknowledged as one of the leaders in the Educational Discovery Tours segment. As one of the pioneers in the School Educational tours, we understand the needs of Principals, Heads of Department, Teachers and, especially, students.

We have dedicated Operations personnel and GeBiz Officers to cater solely to the needs of Schools, Kids and Parents.We have the infrastructure and logistic backup to support any group size. We have been rated EPPU CATEGORY S8 one of the highest ratings in the travel industry.

A note on our quality and safety standards for overseas school trips


As a member of the global sustainable business community International Paradise Connexions Tours & Travels Pte Ltd believes that high standards for quality and safety are in the best interest of all stakeholders. As such, we are proud to be a part of an expert community-driven initiative to build and maintain such standards with an open source principle.

The standards at hand were initiated by a dozen of Singapore’s leading practitioners from both the public and private sector, whose pooled experiences span well over a century of senior man-years. They articulated a set of high standards that reflect the best of their joint wisdom in order to serve all stakeholders, with safety and quality being paramount.

But good standards are not static. They must constantly evolve to reflect the latest wisdom. We believe this is best done by engaging the community. Everyone who has a stake and an interest in maintaining high quality and safe overseas trip experiences should be able to contribute. Our company endeavors to be part of this ongoing effort, by striving to adhere to the standards, as well as to maintain and further develop them.

As such, we hereby pledge, publicly:

1. To do our best to adhere to the community expert-driven Overseas Travel Guidelines

2. To help to maintain and further develop the standards by contributing new insights and areas for improvement at any given opportunity.

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