How turn your staff into corporate bloggers

How to turn staff into bloggers?

Blogging has become a great way to reach target audiences and put your company’s message across. Marketing experts are leveraging this channel to get their company ranking high up on the search engines and social media.

But a key obstacle that they have to combat on daily basis is generating high quality content that gets more visits and interaction with the potential customers. Marketers want to turn staff into bloggers because it’s a growing realization that people are more engaged when they hear real stories from real people and not just well-written from intangible companies.

Each company has several technical experts or customer facing staff in their workforce who can share their stories and become brand ambassadors for their corporate brand. However, the challenge lies in getting the staff engaged in blogging, seeing the value in social media and achieving their business objectives through social media.

Here are some ways on how you can turn your staff into bloggers:

Promote social media activity

Employees fear being caught surfing internet or sharing on social media while at work. If someone is seen using internet for non-work purpose, he or she gets such embarrassing stares. To counter this mindset, senior leaders in the company should create a culture that supports responsible use of social media by the employees. For example, a CEO telling the employees of his company how various social media platforms such as LinkedIn can be used by them and asking them to get involved and engaged. It is important to tell your employees how much you value their contribution on company blogs and social media sites to build a company image for the outside world.

turn your staff into bloggersMake it easy and simple

Employees are nervous and confused about what they can share and what not, how to take out time and which are the appropriate topics to write on. Address their concerns by making a champion within management team who can rally the staff and share his experiences, ideas and suggestions on blogging. It is also a good idea to give them selective templates and sketches of how the blog posts should be. It will make it comfortable for them.

Show them some model blogs

Beginner bloggers have to tackle the question what should I write about more often than the experienced ones. Give your staff a reference list of blogs to follow and take inspiration from. This will clarify what kind of style and topics they have to write.

Guide them

Maybe everyone is not experienced enough to write content for the company’s blog. They may be interested but just don’t have the relevant knowledge to put together a good blog post. Get an in-house expert, maybe from digital marketing team, to guide them on how to go about blogging. Reassure them that there will be an editor who they can reach out to brainstorm ideas and polish their blog post.

corporate bloggingRecognize efforts

It may not be monetary rewards but could be simple words of appreciation during team meetings or town halls for a blog post that brings in greater customer engagement visits or interactions. Running company-wide campaigns such as blogger of the month will also help to motivate your staff for writing regular blog posts.

Lay out the rules for blogging

Creating policies and procedures for blogging is a very crucial aspect to get things write and as per expectations. You have to put down specific policies and procedures to define what kind of behavior is right and wrong online. This will also clarify expectations so that the staff does not make mistakes due to ignorance.

Using these our tricks and tips you will be able to turn your staff into bloggers who will contribute in creating wider reach and effective brand image for your company.