The 6 myths about study tours

The 6 myths about study tours

While many teachers and parents have experienced the impact of educational tours on the overall personality of their children and students but there are still many others who are yet oblivious to the benefits of education tours or are shrouded with misconceptions.

We thought why not to clear the air and give you a real picture that answers most of your doubts. From what we’ve heard from many people we’ve identified six myths about educational tours which are listed below. For each myth we’ve tried to put forth the on-ground scenario at IPC.

Educational tours are just for fun.Well, we won’t deny the fun component of educational tours but more than fun they emphasize on learning and development of life skills. It’s more like learning fun which leads to greater and more sustainable learning.

Educational tours are just for funTravel agents charge unreasonably high fees.This is not true. Considering the best quality accommodation, food, comfortable travel and other resources that are provided keeping in mind the needs of the children, the fees charged is very reasonable. The strong and long-term relationship with the suppliers and service providers enable travel agencies to negotiate the best possible deal for the customers. The focus is more on offering world-class services to the customers delight.

There is not much thought process behind designing the itinerary.The foundation of all educational tours itinerary lies in the school curriculum as put by Ministry of Education (MOE). Our travel specialist closely study the school curriculum to understand its objectives and then an itinerary is created to match the key learning goals. The activities are also created with a focus on nurturing team building, reflective thinking and creativity among the pupils. Community involvement projects (CIP) are a major part of our educational tours. This is to encourage a sense of empathy and giving back to the society among the students.

Team building, reflective thinking and creativity among the pupils.There is no one to explain the significance of places students visit part of the itinerary.Our tour guides have to undergo 160 hours of mandatory training every year. An intrinsic part of this training includes in-depth information about the history, culture, geography and other aspects about our itineraries.

It’s not safe to send students on education tours all by themselves.We do understand your love and care for your children. In the parents eyes, their children will always be the little ones who have to be attended to. However, students have to learn to be independent and fend for themselves. IPC follows the highest safety standards (that’s what makes us an ISO certified organization) on all its educational tours. Be assured your children are in the safest hands that will give them an opportunity to try new things but in a vigilant environment.

Students have to learn to be independent All educational tour specialists are the same.Probably, this may be true on the surface when you see they all talk about learning journeys and personality development but there are only handful travel agencies who go to great lengths to design, execute and analyze holistic and effective educational tours. IPC is one such education tour expert which has an in-house quality assurance and R&D departments to look into the deepest and broadest aspects of quality products and services so that our customers get only the best.

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