Top 5 Benefits of Incentive Travel

Top 5 Benefits of Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is considered to be among the most attractive reward that companies are relying on to motivate their employees or partners for delivering better results. When people across the globe are taking pleasure and pride in their travel experiences, then winning an incentive travel is definitely something that everyone looks up to. Companies are using incentive travel for sales incentives, to encourage sales team to sell more; channel partner incentives, to engage partners in giving greater visibility to their products; and employee engagement to motivate staff to increase productivity.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of incentive travel that makes it the most attractive organizational reward form:

Better focus on business goals

Incentive travel is a great way to bring the focus on business goals. It drives people to perform consistently that benefits business as well as get them to win the reward. One of our clients has put the incentive travel as a reward for the best regional sales team that achieves highest sales number for a given year. When the entire team that won the reward went together for the incentive travel trip to Turkey, it helped them forge better team bonding which translated into improved team performance at the workplace.

Everyone loves travel & holiday

Ever heard of anyone who is not excited for holidays Not really. Everyone carves to see a new travel destination Everyone loves holiday.It’s like a treat. Some may argue that it’s money that people most value. Yes, that’s true but cash once spent is gone. Travel gives people experiences which are etched in their memories forever. Not everyone can go on an exotic vacations or adventure trips. So when they see a chance to win an all-inclusive trip, then they will give their best efforts to earn it.

Boost Employee loyalty

There is no denying the fact that an incentive travel is something that everyone wants to go on. However, not everyone gets it this makes it so desired. The team or individual who wins it gets a pat from everyone. It’s a news who got this year’s incentive travel trip The one winning it enjoys all the attention and thus develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards the organization.

Easy to fit in any budget

Incentive travel can be easily tailored to suit any budget. There is lot of flexibility in this reward system. You can give a weekend break to an adventure activity camp, one week trip to a foreign location or even a cruise holiday. Based on your budget and what level of achievement you want to recognize, you can create your own incentive trip.

Tells a lot about your employer brand

When people go on incentive travel trips, they come back and share their pictures on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to tell their friends what a great company they work for. This get you lot of attention in the talent market without spending a single penny on it.