Top 5 packing mistakes to avoid

Top 5 packing mistakes to avoid

“Two years back on a leisure trip to Bali, I realized on reaching the hotel that in the last minute rush during packing for the trip, I had forgotten to carry my beachwear”, says Susan Bean, an ardent traveler.

Has such packing mistakes ever happened with you on when on a trip Surely no one wants to do mistakes during packing for travel but they happen. Packing is not just a task but an important step for an enjoyable and comfortable voyage.

IPC’s travel experts recommend you avoid these 5 common mistakes travelers make during packing for a trip.

Choosing the wrong travel bag Wendy Hogarth, traveled with us to Thailand on a leisure trip, tells us an interesting incident. I picked up a very trendy and brightly-colored hard-shell bag and packed it tightly but was unable to squeeze it into the overhead compartment. I had to struggle with it while other co-passengers were going impatient to get by. This was a very embarrassing situation and I was cursing myself having picked this bag.Hard bags weigh more but can protect fragile items, and soft bags can be easily squeezed in small spaces. Whether you want to pick a backpack, duffle or a roller with wheels, back straps or retractable handles – it all depends on the type of tour and destination.

Unaware of the latest destination weather We know how weather plays a spoil sport for the clients traveling with us. So, we always stay aware of the latest weather predictions of the travel destination and make suggestions to our clients light clothes for warm places, heavy clothes for cold places and light rain gear for occasional downpours. When traveling with IPC we won’t let the weather (or anything else for that matter) comes between you and your pleasure from the trip.

Travel packing mistakes - destination weatherOver-packing This is the golden travel rule pack like an optimist. Most travelers agree more than 50% items they first think to carry just-in-case, for example, two pairs of sleepwear. Our travel guides suggest: If you pack outfits that can be worn during day or evening for different occasions, you will get more with less items

Going cashless If you don’t want to be searching for an ATM as soon as your flight land, procure the currency ahead. You may think that nowadays credit cards are being used everywhere so what’s the need to carry the currency notes. But currency notes may be needed for paying to cabs, vending machines or tuck shops etc. Take out time and exchange the currency ahead of time. Speak to IPC’s travel experts on how to get the best currency exchange rates by FREE 24/7 HOTLINE: 1-800-472-8687 whenever you are now.

How to get cash in a trip

Not keeping the copies of important documents What will happen if you lose your wallet in the foreign land, everything including passport, ID card, credit card and money will be gone. It’s better to have a contingency plan. Keep a back up of all the important documents. Carry two set of hard copies of each document and keep it in a safe and secure place. Also, maintain the digital copies in or Google Docs.

Sure, one could argue that you can buy anything that is left behind, like Susan Bean had to buy new beachwear in Bali.But why not save money, time and efforts?