Health and mind wellness program

Corporate health and wellness programs create a healthy work culture that supports and improves the holistic well-being of employees.

We strive to create the program with a holistic approach to employees' health, by considering your company's work size, schedule, and environment.

We implement a wellness program developed with the guidance of psychologists. The program includes incentives, fitness programs, social support, assistance, and more.

Corporate amazing race

Adapted from a famous reality show, the corporate amazing race involves physical, mental, emotional, and other challenges.

The employees are divided into teams and these participants race against each other in the pre-defined race course. The first team to reach the final checkpoint wins.

This highly interactive game is a fast-paced game, is full of fun, and promotes team building interdependent and nurturing of new skills.

The corporate amazing race includes challenges that promote team building and the development of new skills. The growth of employees generates a positive outcome for the company and business.

We plan, customize and execute the race as per the company's location and needs.

Volunteer tourism and sustainable program

Volunteer tourism has become widely popular among travelers, volunteers, and academics. Through volunteer tourism, you can now travel to countries and explore the destinations while supporting and giving back to the local communities. We have included a sustainable program through volunteer tourism. You can now make a positive impact on a country's economy, society, and environment.

The volunteers help to improve the well-being and livelihood of the host community and the surrounding environment. Travel to your dream destination, work with locals, promote local businesses, explore nature and so much more.

Staff retreat and incentive

Remote working can be difficult, keep your company culture alive through staff retreat. This brings together employees from different organizational departments to relax, communicate without any barriers and develop team spirit and compassion.

Through our staff retreat and incentive service, we help you and your employees connect and build a strong bond.

We specialize in custom-made staff retreats filled with adventure and wellness programs that form stronger relationships

5. Dinner and dance

Planning a corporate dinner and dance? With our event management team, we plan a fun-filled evening focusing on music. Dance and groove on with your colleagues and friends.