Learning Journey

Our Learning Journeys offer informal learning experiences that get students out into the world, exploring the world and igniting students’ interest. Trips to museums, parks, historical sites, and more help students discover new things and learn in authentic environments, placing classroom content into new contexts. These Learning Journeys can offer inspiring and intriguing experiences for students.


Efficient learning process in the area of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) depends on many factors. Our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality labs are a great way to motivate students and deploy attractive learning objects which can captivate students’ attention, involve them in solving problems and connecting their experience with knowledge. Our Virtual Reality applications are available across all STEM subjects to open students’ imaginations and give them an idea of how they can apply their knowledge in the real world.

Mental Health

To help people learn about mental health, we’ve created an interactive virtual workshop. The workshop is run by a certified mental health expert and involves virtual reality elements to create a calming effect on the mind. Our immersive VR videos of a peaceful garden with a soothing music help people be more mindful, and provide a safe and comfortable “place” to reflect. This can address various psychological challenges like stress, isolation and anxiety.

Team building & Amazing Race

Our Virtual Team Building Program promises engagement and interaction levels will go up ‘through the roof’. Even those who usually stay on the sidelines can’t stop themselves from being part of the fun. These unique immersive experiences will foster friendly competition, strengthen your employee’s communication skills, and improve teamwork.

School Exchange Immersion

Our international virtual reality student exchange program gives your students the opportunity to meet other young people from around the world, building their collaborative and communicative skills in engaging, curriculum-aligned tasks. This creates a learning environment that supports skills in real-time. Students can take part in computer-mediated learning from remote classes and work together online on tasks developed by educational facilitators.

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