IPC GROUP at the EDU Tech Asia 2022 Learning Journey

Edu Tech Asia held one of the biggest exhibitions at the Sands Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore. It is Asia’s largest conference and exhibition for educators and EdTech providers. The event happened over 2 days on the 9th and 10th of November, with more than 5000 attendees.

The event was graced by 350 speakers across 7 stages covering K–12, higher education, classroom technology, digital curriculum, and digital leadership.

The exhibition was attended by the top 200 education technology companies in the world, along with 150 edtech startups demonstrating the most recent edtech solutions.

The 2020 pandemic has boosted technology adoption across Asia. Educators and learning institutions all around the world are actively investing in technology to facilitate remote learning, boost communication, and speed up training. The exhibition helped edtech companies exhibit their products, wherein educational institutions tried, understood, and invested in this technology.

Some of the best-selling programs at the EDUtech Asia Exhibition were:

  • Mental wellness in VR
  • VR Coral and Reef Studies
  • VR Global Citizenship Programs
  • VR Cultural Exchange Programs
  • VR Singapore School Exchange Bringing the change in Education

Learning has evolved in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students experienced a completely new concept of learning through online lectures. For decades, the educational and learning systems have been rigid, with rare scope for innovation. Although it is slowly adapting to the evolving landscape of virtual learning.

Recently, many schools and universities have adopted online and virtual learning methods to boost the learning process.

Most people in the training and education industries are already using augmented reality, virtual reality, e-learning, and blended learning. This evolution of educational technology is greatly benefiting learners, as it helps them to learn and understand at their own pace.

Virtual reality, for instance, can be accessed through specially made goggles that display an  interactive  world  to  the  user.  This  technology has  the  potential to revolutionize traditional schools and the educational system as a whole. In today’s digitized world, this innovative technology helps to increase accessibility, enhance quality, and improve the affordability of education globally.

Every learner is different; some learn through theory while others learn through practice. Each user receives undivided personal attention and complete independence to work at their own pace with virtual learning.

IPC Group

IPC GROUP was one of the exhibitors at the event, and our CEO, Mr. Raj Kumar, was one of the speakers for the event. He spoke about the future of learning as well as the necessity of virtual reality, augmented reality, e-learning, and blended learning. More than 50 attendees signed up for the talk and actively participated in the discussion.

(Add an image of the talk with the attendees.)

As an exhibitor for VR headsets, we had our own booth, N21, where we welcomed more than 1,000 educators. Educators tried on our headsets and inquired about the product.

(Add the images of the booth and people using VR headsets.)

Our unique approach to learning was well-received and appreciated by many. We were the only exhibitor who was providing not only a tech-based learning solution but a hybrid experience with physical hands-on activity.

The exhibition was a great success for us, and we managed to sign an MOU with almost 100 schools. We signed deals with schools in Singapore as well as abroad to conduct their school programs throughout the year.

Like any other company, IPC Group faced challenges during the recession. After dealing with the difficulties, we have now come out stronger. Being one of the leading VR developer companies in Singapore, we’re now expanding our reach internationally. With hard work and determination, we are steadily growing into the best VR headset company. There is no shortcut to success, but if you strive hard, nothing is impossible, and the sky’s the limit.

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