World Mental Health Day

The prime objective of world mental health day is to spread awareness of mental health conditions.

The 10th of October is observed as world mental health day to spread awareness, and remove the social stigma against mental health problems.

Though multiple channels promote and support mental health awareness throughout the year this day is specifically important for those working on or suffering from mental health problems.

The last 2 years of covid-19  have taken a toll on our mental health. And most of us have gone through serious mental health conditions, without much support. 

As a company, working with schools and corporations, we give the utmost importance to mental health and mental wellness programs.

Our campaigns aim to spread awareness and help those suffering from mental health problems. 

What do we do and how do we help others?

As a VR headset provider, we often conduct multiple mental wellness programs for schools and corporations. Wherein we educate users on the crucial importance of focusing on mental health, how to manage and deal with different emotions, how and whom to ask for help, and how to cope with stress and anxiety. 

The wellness programs are developed under the guidance of expert psychologists to ensure that everyone feels included and safe. During our programs, we ask each individual to analyze their feelings, emotions, and thoughts, to self-examine themselves, and understand the impact of different things on their mental health. 

Additionally, we also do Pro Bono work with many organizations to promote mental health awareness. 

What can we do as a community? 

Being a responsible member of society, it’s a duty to help those in need without making anyone feel excluded or alone. In many parts of the world mental health is still considered a stigma or taboo, to change this we all need to educate ourselves on what’s the importance of mental health and how it affects our overall being.

Furthermore, you can try to be available to those around you. Check on your friends, family, and relatives. Keep a holistic approach, with inclusiveness, support, empathy, kindness, and understanding toward everyone you meet. 

Lastly, we hope you stay safe and mentally healthy and help everyone you can!

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